Bed & Breakfast at the Diefdijk, Leerdam

Enjoying Nature:

On the Linge you can enjoy canoeing or take a trip on the local tour boat. You can also rent sloops in the harbor of Leerdam, with which you can take a trip by yourself.
Compared to its big brothers Rhine and Waal, the Linge is only a modest little river. But purely Dutch! From its source at the medieval Doornenburg castle, the Linge meanders for a hundred kilometers through an idyllic landscape.

Schoonrewoerd / Wiel van Bassa:

The nearest village is the village of Schoonrewoerd, a traditionally agricultural village and largely still in its original state, where it seems as if time has stood still. In Schoonrewoerd you will still find a small supermarket, a warm bakery, an artisan butcher and a greengrocer. Not to forget, of course, Eetcafé de Zwaan, where you can have a drink or a simple meal 6 days a week (closed on Sundays, unfortunately). Schoonrewoerd is about 2 kilometers away from us and is easy to walk and bike through a nice inner path between the orchards and the Wiel.

The Diefdijk is located in the Vijfheerenlanden between the rivers Lek and Linge. The immediate landscape is determined by meadows, willows, wheels (pools created by dike breaches, including the Wiel van Bassa or Schoonrewoerdse Wiel) and orchards. In the Wiel van Bassa, which is located 500 meters from our house, you can swim in the summer.

Leerdam Glass city:

The municipality of Leerdam is a municipality that connects the Green Heart with the river landscape of Gelderland. It lies on the river Linge in the middle of the triangle formed by the A2, A15 and A27 freeways. It is located at the southern tip of South Holland where the provinces of Gelderland, North Brabant and Utrecht meet. Leerdam is an old fortified town that received its first city rights in the 14th century.

Leerdam is famous for its glass art. The National Glass Museum is located in Leerdam. At the Leerdam Glassworks, visitors can see glassblowers at work up close. Glass blowing workshops are also held here, and artists and designers can have their drawings turned into glass objects here.
The Leerdam Glass Days and the International Glass Art Fair are a household name at home and abroad.
Glass defines art and culture in Leerdam. In Leerdam are located among others: Glass Factory, Glassworks, National Glass Museum, Glass Galleries and the Crystal Shop.

There is shopping on Friday evenings. On Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., there is a market in the city of Leerdam.

Other attractions:

- Forts and the New Dutch Waterline:
The Diefdijk is part of the Dutch Waterline. The entire Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie runs from Muiden on the former Zuiderzee to Werkendam on the Biesbosch. There is a special walking route, the waterline path that takes you past 5 fortresses, some 50 forts and batteries, inundation sluices and other remnants of this 19th-century defense line.
Fort Asperen and Fort Vuren are nearby and are worth a visit. Fort Asperen can be visited from mid-April through the beginning of October and you can enjoy delicious drinks and food. Fort Vuren organises regular activities such as concerts and the like.

- The court of Mrs. Van Aerden
Prince William V, father of King William I, donated to the Van Aerden family the land where the Leerdam Castle had formerly stood.
See for activities and tours

- The Great Church
The Grote Kerk in the center of Leerdam is a late Gothic cruciform church with a Romanesque tower from the 13th century.

- Bridge Museum

The bridge museum contains a wide variety of items related to bridge. Of course the playing cards and playing rugs, but also less obvious promotional items

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