Bed & Breakfast at the Diefdijk, Leerdam

Every spring, the Diefdijk and surrounding area is a pleasure ground for blossoming apple, pear and cherry trees. And over the river dikes a long procession of blossom viewers then pulls. Blossom watchers were therefore the first tourists in the Linge area. But now many more have arrived. Fresh air, silence and a peaceful landscape, especially inviting for a walk or bike ride along the winding dikes.

The area is ideally suited for those seeking peace and quiet. You will discover beautiful pieces of unspoiled nature, such as the Wiel van Bassa, the Bolgerijen grove and the Zouweboezem. Among the exuberant greenery meanders the Linge, bordered by often beautiful floodplains. This is the habitat of numerous bird species. Small villages, a farm or a mill are often the only things that indicate the presence of other people.

Look for routes along the dike at the site of Zuid Hollands Landschap, for example.
At the site of the Nature and Bird Watch you can also find many activities in the area as well as cheese farms and the like.

There are many cycling and walking routes in the area. Descriptions of the routes below can be obtained from the "Citymarketing Bureau"

In addition to the NS walking route from Beesd to Leerdam, we have the city walk and the glass round, which includes all the glass shops and galleries.

There is a large choice of nature walks namely The Alblasserpad with three walks in the West-Alblasserwaard; History and Forest (11 km), Mill walk (18 km), Donken walk (10 km).

The Oranjetiproute (8 km), IJsvogelroute (8 km), Klaproosroute around Herwijnen.The Orchidroute (8 km), Dotterbloemroute (8 km), Glaskunst- en beeldentuinroute (6 km) and finally Het Natuurpad Leerdam, a 7.5 km walk through the meadows and the catchment area of the Linge in the vicinity of Leerdam.

There is also the Lek and Linge bicycle route and there are several LAWs (Waterliniepad, Het Lingepad and the Oeverloperspad) that run right along the Diefdijk.